Physical Symptoms of Depression

While we have an intimate understanding of the mental and emotional symptoms of depression, it’s the physical symptoms that aren’t talked about. The emotional pain is not something to be downplayed by any means, but sometimes, even if you’re having a better day than others, you can still experience the physical symptoms. 

These symptoms can range in severity, from being almost unnoticeable to debilitating in nature. Remember to pay attention to how you’re feeling physically as well as emotionally. These are some of the symptoms to be on the lookout for.


More often than not, if you’re suffering from depression you’re also worn out and fatigued. Depression takes a lot of energy to deal with, even when handling simple day-to-day tasks. This exertion over a longer period of time can lead to extreme physical fatigue. If you can’t ever seem to get enough sleep, and rarely feel energized for the day, you may be suffering from depression related fatigue.

Muscle Aches

It’s been a long standing belief that depression, as well as other emotional pain, can cause physical pain in the body. This can turn into muscle aches that seem out of place, and may erupt at any given moment. Bodily aches and pains from depression may not be consistent, and while you may begin the day feeling okay, the aches and pains may come later on.

Stomach Pains

Research in recent years has begun to draw the connection between poor mental health and abdominal pain, typically having to do with the stomach. These problems can be muscular in nature, such as stomach cramps, or related to nausea. Whichever it is, there’s a chance that they indicate a mental health struggle. Additionally, there have been conclusions drawn that the bacteria in the gut may be linked to mental well-being, as well. This means that if there aren’t enough good bacteria, as there should be, that mental health can suffer. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is a good way to promote the good bacteria in the gut.


It should be noted that stomach pain can also be related to irregular bowel movements, as well as bowel pains. These digestive problems can be on either end of the spectrum as constipation or diarrhea. Most times, people assume that these issues are related to a physical ailment, but studies have indicated that mental health plays a part.

Issues with Vision

When experiencing moderate to severe depression, vision can sometimes be affected. The symptom caused by depression is typically blurred vision, which explains why the world can seem hazy when experiencing depressive episodes.


Recurring headaches can be a symptom of depression These are classified as tension headaches, causing physical aches and pains near the eyebrows. The pain is typically described as a throbbing sensation. These headaches don’t normally impair functioning, and can be helped by over-the-counter medication, but may occur daily.

Depression: A Physical and Mental Battle

If you’re suffering from depression, it’s highly likely that your symptoms are both mental and physical. Paying attention to these physical aches and pains is important. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that it needs to be tended to in one way or another. If you think you may be experiencing symptoms, physical, mental, or emotional, related to depression, be sure to seek professional help and treatment.