Suffering From Depression and Still Working


Life doesn’t slow down for those facing depression. You still have to get out of bed even when you don’t want to. Depression doesn’t stop the bills from coming in.

It seems like more and more is expected out of you at work these days. It’s not just competence that employers look for anymore. They expect enthusiasm for the job. And you have to be competitive if you want to get anywhere in your career. How are you going to get that kind of motivation while struggling with depression?

Every holiday season sees a spike in depression. It could be said that this year will be no different, but that’s not the case.


Maybe the pandemic is making working at the office more stressful. Maybe the virus has forced you to work from home. And if you have kids who are doing virtual learning this year…it’s hard to stay sane even if you aren’t depressed.

So, how do you manage your depression while working in less than ideal conditions?

Let’s break it down into three categories:

  • Tell someone at work about your depression
  • Take time off of work to handle your depression
  • Organize your work around your depression

“I’m Depressed, Boss”

There’s no getting around it, these words are hard to say. Maybe your boss will receive this news with kindness and understanding. Maybe they won’t. It helps if you work up to it gradually.

Start with telling a trusted coworker. Then someone in HR. Then your boss.

For one, people in your office know about some of the pressures you’re going through. They might or might not be depressed themselves, but the added stress during difficult times is shared by all. If you feel less alone in your feelings at work, this can lead to a different outlook.

Vacation, Staycation, Anything to Relieve This Feeling

If you do end up talking to your boss, ask them about taking a temporary leave or using vacation time to help care for your depression.

As you try your best to hide your depression in the workplace, consider how this condition affects your work. Depression by itself is tough. Dealing with depression, a pandemic, normal day to day stress, and work is a tall order.

Depression has a way of weighing you down to the point of paralysis. If you can temporarily rid yourself of some of this weight, you’ll be able to think that much more clearly.

I Can’t Get Out of Work and I Really Don’t Feel Comfortable Telling Anyone About My Depression

If you’re going to try to juggle your depression and your work, have a game plan. Structure your day with clear goals.

Think of reasons why it’s important to meet your goals. If your motivation tanks and those reasons don’t matter to you anymore, gamify the process. Give yourself points for completing small tasks as you work up to bigger projects. It’s a distraction that could help you get through this.

Something to consider for any of these options is TMS treatment. It’s convenient, quick, affordable and it could treat your depression within a few sessions. Getting back to yourself (and your work) could be easier than you thought. If you’re in the St. Louis area, check out GatewayTMS.