Not all TMS devices are created equal. When it comes to TMS treatments, precision is the key to an effective treatment. To receive the correct, prescribed dosage, the magnetic coil must sit correctly on the head so continuous contact is made. If the connection is lost, the treatment is ineffective.

Precise targeting is what makes Neurostar TMS the #1 choice of doctors. It is the most accurate and effective TMS therapy on the market because of its ability to precisely target and administer treatment to the prefrontal cortex where mood is regulated to provide the most accurate treatment possible.


All TMS devices use electromagnetic coils, but those alone are not enough for effective, correct treatment. Proper positioning of the coil at the right treatment location, continuous contact of the coil on your scalp, and the precise targeting are important to receive safe, accurate, full-strength treatment.

Only Neurostar has special high-performance contoured coils that are more comfortable and have a patented contact sensing system to ensure continuous contact with the head. Others have a flat coil which makes it uncomfortable and difficult to position securely on the contours of your head and a simple cough or sneeze could make your head lose contact with the coil.

Even a 1mm. gap between the coil and the skull can cause a 40% decrease in the TMS dosage. If the Neurostar device loses contact at any time during the treatment, an alarm notifies a technician so it can be adjusted and corrected. Other TMS devices don’t have this feature so if it slips, you may not receive the full dose. With Neurostar, you know you’re getting the right dose every time.

Another feature that makes Neurostar the most accurate TMS treatment available is its 3D laser positioning which helps ensure repeatable and accurate treatment. It uses Trakstar™ to store your position and dosage information for fast, accurate treatment every time.


Neurostar is backed by 11 clinical studies with over 900 patients and 23 publications and has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for Depression for people who haven’t been able to find relief with the use of antidepressants. Neurostar also has proven durability with the best chance for long-term remission, for many, longer than a year.

A 2014 study of 257 patients found that after a full year, 67.7% had a response to the treatment and 45.1% had reached remission. With such an impressive rate of success, it’s no wonder that Neurostar has been used for more than 1.6 million treatments!

Side Effects

One of the main complaints about antidepressants is the side effects that come along with them. Antidepressants are an effective treatment for MDD but the patient often has to deal with side effects ranging from weight gain to nausea to sleep problems. Because antidepressants affect cells instead of targeting the treatment area, their side effects can be anywhere in the body. The side effects can be too much for some people and they’ll simply stop taking them.

With Neurostar, the most common side effect is discomfort near the treatment area. Neurostar TMS treatment is non-invasive which means there’s no need for any kind of a sedation and when you’re session is done, you’re good to go. There’s no downtime. You can drive yourself home, return to work, or do whatever you had planned for the rest of the day. Because it targets a small area in the brain instead of the cells in the body, it’s easy to tolerate. In clinical trials, less than 5% discontinued treatment due to side effects. The rate of side effects occurring was also less than 5%, which is twice the rate of patients reporting side effects from a placebo.

Precise and targeted treatment, delivering the right dose to the right location. Only Neurostar.